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Support the Saskatoon Zoo Society by becoming a member today!

Your support allows us to carry on many worthwhile environmental education programs and projects.

A $10 household membership (per calendar year-expires December 31st of each year) will provide our members early access for program registration, electronic newsletter ZooNews, AGM voting rights, and most importantly your membership will support the educational programming of the Saskatoon Zoo Society. PURCHASE EARLY IN THE NEW YEAR (JANUARY) TO RECEIVE FULL VALUE FOR YOUR MEMBERSHIP!

Call (306) 975-3395 for more information.

Membership Benefits:

  • Early registration privileges to programs that the Saskatoon Zoo Society offers.

  • Subscription to our newsletter ZooNews with a valid card.
  • A vote at the Annual General Meeting. You have a say in your society.
  • Support for the Saskatoon Zoo Society’s environmental education programs.