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Working together, we can educate the youth of today to be the leaders of a sustainable planet tomorrow!

All School Groups

Zoo Admission is INCLUDED with every booked education program delivered by the Saskatoon Zoo Society!

Saskatoon School Groups

If you are a planning on touring the Zoo on your own, you must fill out a Forestry Farm Park and Zoo Self-Guided Visit Request form. This form should be available in your school portal.


Submit a Booking Inquiry

Quickly submit an inquiry about booking a virtual program with the Saskatoon Zoo Society. This will take you to a form to fill out and submit, and then we will get back to you with more information and availability.

Things to know before booking a program.

We are a SCENT-Free facility.
Buses are NOT charged the parking fee. Individual cars will be charged a parking fee.

Animal selection will vary based on a number of factors. The Saskatoon Zoo Society reserves the right to substitute animals at any time for booked programs.

Parent helpers are welcome.  Please follow these guidelines:
-- Pre-school to Grade 3: 1 adult for 4-5 children (maximum 6 adults per group; however, only 4 adults in the classroom)
-- Grade 4 to Grade 6: 1 adult for 7 children (maximum 4 adults per group)
-- Grade 7 and up: The teacher and one other adult (up to 4 adults if preferred)

Parent helpers cannot be assisting with a school group and have another child with them that is NOT in the class. They are welcome to come, visit the Zoo and assist with the outdoor portion, however, they will be charged Zoo admission and they will NOT be able to participate in the indoor portion of the program with the class.

If you have group members with mobility requirements, special needs, or require other accommodation, please let us know when booking your program.

Some of our zoo animals are susceptible to COVID, so we have kept some precautions in place for their safety. See the COVID webpage for current COVID procedures or requirements.



The Saskatoon Zoo Society prefers payment BEFORE program unless you are a school board that has arranged EFT payments.
We do not cancel programs unless a situation warrants it (animal emergency, severe weather, school buses not running, etc). We currently accept program re-scheduling with advance notice (24 hours is appreciated).
THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS GIVEN if an interpreter is waiting for a program and the group has not cancelled or re-scheduled.