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Information Gathering:

The Saskatoon Zoo Society does not gather any personal information while you browse our web site. Some personal information, including, but not limited to; name and e-mail address, may be voluntarily provided by users of this site to request services such as image download, online surveys and other similar services. The Saskatoon Zoo Society may also retain electronic communications you send to us as a means to continually improve customer servi ce.

External Links:
The SZS website(www.saskatoonzoosociety.ca) contains links to other sites. The SZS is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of other sites.

Materials on this web site were produced by the Saskatoon Zoo Society to provide information about the Saskatoon Zoo Society, the Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park and Zoo facility, programs and services and to further the Saskatoon Zoo Society’s mandate of fostering respect for nature through education.

Unless otherwise stated, all or any information, text, video, audio, animation or image files on this web site are provided for private or educational use only. All other uses are prohibited without authorization from the Saskatoon Zoo Society, including: reproduction; redistribution in any manner; storage in any medium; extraction; and alteration in any respect.

Anyone wishing to use the materials from this web site for these or other purposes must obtain prior written approval from the Saskatoon Zoo Society. To request permission please contact:

Greg Fenty
Saskatoon Zoo Society

The SZS does not warrant in any manner whatsoever either the accuracy, completeness, or fitness for a particular purpose, the information referenced herein, including, but not limited to; links, products, services, individuals or organizations appearing on this website, nor does this information constitute an endorsement of any kind by the SZS.