Guide your own ZOOventure!

If you want to guide your students through the Zoo on your own schedule, check out some of our activities to keep students engaged.

If you are a Saskatoon school planning on touring the Zoo on your own, please use the Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park and Zoo self-guided visit request form. This form should be available in your school portal.

Who am I?

All ages

See if your students can answer these questions as they tour around the Zoo!

Be an Animal Olympian Challenge

All ages

Animals can do amazing things. Challenge your students to see how they match up to the animals!

Nature Senses Scavenger Hunt

All ages

Can you find these things using your senses? These activities can be done in the park or at the Zoo!

Biofact Kits

Coming soon!

Owl Pellet Kits

Grades 4 to 8

Owl pellet kits are available for purchase for $45.00. Kits include a teacher’s guide, owl pellet identification charts, and five owl pellets. Additional owl pellets are available for $3.50 each. Due to short supply, this is only available with a booked Owl program (either virtual or onsite).

Zoomazing Activities

Ages 3-10

Homeschoolers and Families: Try out these activities at the Zoo and at Home!

Zoo Scavenger Hunt

Grades 4 and up

How well do your students know the animals at the Zoo? Use this scavenger hunt to find out.

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