Self-Guided Kits and Resources

Guide your own ZOOventure!

If you want to guide your students through the Zoo on your own schedule, check out some of our activities to keep students engaged.

We offer Self-Guided Programming Kits to rent for a fee, as well as some free resources and activities to enhance your visit.

 If you are a Saskatoon school planning on touring the Zoo on your own, please use the Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park and Zoo self-guided visit request form. This form should be available in your school portal.

Self-Guided Programming Kits

Our activities, our supplies, taught by YOU!

Each kit has all of the supplies and information for you to guide your students/learners through the activities. There are detailed instructions as well as discussion questions.

We have three kits available to rent and use at the zoo.  They are available for classroom and community groups. 

Click through the red slider to see details on them all:

  • Pond-Dipping Kit
  • Owl Pellet Kit
  • BioFact Box




Pond Dipping Kit

Students will look at the variety of invertebrates that live in Saskatchewan ponds and marshes. Explore the importance of ponds and how animals may depend on these sites for food, water, shelter and nesting sites.

Kits include 15 dipping nets, 15 containers, 2 waterproof magnifying glasses, teacher’s guide and identification charts.

Self-guided groups will use the Fishing Pond in the Forestry Farm Park. SZS-instructor led programs get priority to use the Prairie Marsh dock. If there are no programs booked, self-guided groups can pond-dip at the Prairie Marsh.

Kit rental is $25.00

BioFact Box

Hands-on learning about the animal kingdom with a supply of Saskatoon Zoo Society biofacts. Biofacts are real and replica tracks, scats, feathers, bones, horns and antlers.

Kits include a teacher’s guide, biofacts and identification charts.

Kit rental is $25.00

Owl Pellet Kit

What is an owl pellet?! Learn about owl diets and ecology with this experiential activity. 

Kits include a teacher’s guide, identification charts, and five owl pellets.

Kit purchase is $45.00.

Additional owl pellets are available for $3.50 each. 

On Your Own

Looking for something to do while at the zoo. We have an assortment of printable resources to enhance your visit to the Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park & Zoo! 

Any family or classroom is welcome to use these resources. 

 Click through the red slider to see details on them all!

  • Nature Senses Scavenger Hunt
  • ZooMazing Activities
  • Who Am I?
  • Saskatoon Zoo Scavenger Hunt

Nature Senses Scavenger Hunt

Can you find these things using your senses? These activities can be done in the park or at the Zoo!

Suitable for all ages.

Who Am I?

See if your students can answer these questions as they tour around the Zoo!

ZooMazing Activities

Homeschoolers and Families: Try out these Five activities with questions and activities to do at the Zoo, and then compliment that activity at Home! Learn about Animal Homes, write an Animal Story, do Photo Bingo, Learn your Alphabet, and learn about senses!

Saskatoon Zoo Scavenger Hunt

How well do your students know the animals at the Zoo? Use this scavenger hunt to find out.