What can I expect? What happens at the party program?

Your Birthday at the Zoo Program

  • Your birthday party program is booked for 1.5 hours. (either: (A) 12:00 – 1:30 pm, (B) 2:30 – 4:00 pm, or (C) 5:00 – 6:30 pm).
  • The party host will be ready for you at the ALC 15 minutes before your program.
  • In your 1.5 hours, you’ll:
    • be greeted and welcomed to the ALC by the Party Host and shown to your party room where everyone can leave their jackets, presents, etc. 
    • be brought to the animal classroom. There you’ll have an approx. 45 minute program hosted by our SZS interpreter and get to meet and learn about several of our live, animal ambassadors.
    • then, you’ll go back to your private party room and have approximately 45 minutes for your own party program (games, opening gifts, eating cake, etc). If you have ordered food service, it will be served during this time. 
    • at the end of your time, your party host will help you tidy up the room, then you can gather your things and either head home or head into the zoo. 
  • You will receive an Adopt-A-Critter birthday gift package for the animal you’ve chosen for the birthday child. 
  • You will receive the Scavenger Hunt Sticker activity for each child birthday attendee. This is designed to complement your birthday program and provide an activity while touring the outdoor zoo exhibits, but can also be sent home with the children.
  • If you are visiting the zoo before the program, go to the admissions window when you arrive to receive your Scavenger Hunt Sticker activity package and be allowed in to the zoo. Note: If your birthday party is during a time when the Zoo admission window is closed (Nov.1- Mar.31), we will have another arrangement for picking up your Scavenger Hunt Sticker activity. Please call us at 306-975-3395 to see where and how you can pick up this package.
  • If you’re visiting the zoo after your program, the Party Host will give you the Scavenger Hunt Sticker activity and let you into the zoo. Reminder Zoo hours are 10am to 4pm from the day after the Labour Day long weekend until March 31st. Later hours are in effect from May 1st to the Labour Day long weekend. Please make sure you have checked this with your scheduled date.