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Volunteer Accountant Wanted

Volunteer Accountant Wanted for Treasurer (Still looking as of June 20th, 2016!)


The Saskatoon Zoo Society is looking for a volunteer accountant to sit on our board of directors as our Treasurer. But, don’t panic, we don’t make it too difficult or time-consuming. The Saskatoon Zoo Society has a very competent book-keeper, but it is always nice to have a certified accountant check over our work. The commitment is as follows:

  1. Attend our board meetings, usually the last Wednesday night of the month from 7pm – 9pm (earlier sometimes too). We take July and December off (10 meetings per year).
  2. Look over the financial reports before the board meeting (usually a quick glance to see that all looks good before the meeting)
  3. Check over our financial records before audit time (again, our book-keeper is really good and does the majority of the work)
  4. Experience with Sage Simply Accounting is required.
  5. Be available via email to answer a question or two throughout the year that our book-keeper may have. We honestly don’t have that many!!
  6. Attend our Annual General Meeting and give a very brief summary of our financial records. Our AGM is usually held on the third Sunday of March.

If this sounds like something that will fit in your schedule, please contact us atinfo@saskatoonzoosociety.ca if you want further information or clarification.

The Saskatoon Zoo Society is a non-profit, charity that is dedicated to fostering respect for nature.

You can also have a chance to meet some of our animals up-close – just in case you don’t want to spend all your time with your nose in the books! But it’s OK with us if you want to!

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The Saskatoon Zoo Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering respect for nature through education.