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Self Guided Activities

Coming to the Zoo at the Saskatoon Forestry Farm on your own or with your class?
Try our Scavenger Hunt-style questions.  (Last updated September 2018.)
Click Here for our Scavenger Hunt Questions.  Click Here for the answer sheet.
For older grades studying Species at Risk, you can try our Species at Risk scavenger hunt-style questions (last updated: 2018).  Click Here for the Species at Risk Questions.  Click Here for the answer sheet.

Coming in the 2019-2020 school year: There will be a prepared self-guided tour kit focusing on some of the carnivores in the Zoo. Kit includes questions, activities and biofacts (biological artefacts) for your students to touch. Cost: $40. Please call to book and arrange a pick up time and location.

Biofact Kits for rent:
We rent Biofact kits.  These kits are ideal for classes who missed out on booking one of the Saskatoon Zoo Society’s excellent guided tour programs. These kits are rented on a first-come, first-served basis.
Please note: The biofact kits require advance booking.  Please call or email to book.  The kits consist of rubber feet, tracks, scats and other animal artefacts (horns, antlers, feather or fur-vary by kit). They are available to bring into your classroom for one to two weeks depending on availability. Kits are available for loan for $10.00.  A $200 deposit will be held on a credit card and will only be processed in the event anything is missing or damaged in the kits upon return. There are two kits to choose from: carnivores and birds of prey and hoofed animals. Call 975-3395 for more information.

If you are a teacher from the Saskatoon Public School Division or the Saskatoon Catholic School Division,
the Saskatoon Zoo Society has developed special kits for teachers that you can order directly from your school board.

Here is the information we have received from the Saskatoon Public School board on the kits:
Rental of the biofact kits are available from the Saskatoon Public School Board Central Office. There are three biofact (biological artefact) boxes available for loan. Telephone 306-683-8329 or 306-683-8301 to book. Carnivore Biofact Box 1073482;  Herbivore Biofact Box 1074679;  Bird Biofact Box 1074685
Rental is free for the school-board kits.

For rental of kits from the Saskatoon Catholic School Board, please contact their school board to be directed to the appropriate area. Rental is free for the school-board kits.

Curriculum Connections:

– Grade 1: Needs & Characteristics of Living Things
– Grade 6: Diversity of Living Things