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Our Outreach Programs run between October and April each year.
In these exciting programs, Zoo Society teachers or interpreters visit your classroom with a live animal from the Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park and Zoo and/or biological artefacts (biofacts) from our collection.
We focus the presentation on the ecology of the animal with the aim to reinforce your classroom teachings.
Call 306-975-3395 to book your program.
Outreach fees start at $3.00 per student with a minimum fee of $80.00 per group/class.
Remember, small groups = big experiences! Our programs are designed to accommodate an average sized class (22-28 students). In most cases we cannot accommodate more than one class, at a time, in our environmental programs.
  1. To increase and maintain awareness and appreciation of animal life.
  2. To provide an opportunity for people to meet animals at close range.
  3. To encourage people to think about the natural world and how we fit into the big picture.

The outreach programs run from September 1 to April 30.  Availability at other times of the year is subject to interpreter availability.

Our Outreach Topics and Cost
We present a 45 minute to one hour interpretive talk on subjects such as birds of prey, reptiles and amphibians, endangered species, animal coverings, and carnivores and herbivores.  An outreach presentation is $2.50 per student with a minimum charge of $70.00 per classroom.  Distance charges of $0.52/km apply to out of town schools.  

Animals available for Outreach:

Great Horned Owl

Meet ‘Spirt’ (pronounced “spirit”), our one-eyed Great Horned Owl.  This delightful Owl will introduce students into the nocturnal world of owls, and their special adaptations for hunting in the dark.  Unlike the daytime raptors, the hawks and eagles, the Great Horned Owl does not migrate south for the winter.  Find out why! This program has been suspended. More details to follow.

The Reptiles

We’ll explore the fascinating world of reptiles and discover how they survive in their various ecosystems.  Can a snake “smell” with its tongue?  Are snakes slimy?  Meet our Common Garter Snake from Saskatchewan or Royal Python from Africa, or Central Bearded Dragon, a lizard from Australia, and find out!

We also conduct a Reptile/Amphibian comparison presentation with one of the zoo’s skinks and our Tiger Salamander.

Domestic Ferrets – Saskatchewan Species At Risk Program

‘Chaos’, ‘Casper’ and ‘Jacob’ are our Domestic Ferrets.  The Domestic Ferret originates in Europe where they were used to hunt mice around the house and barn.  Today, we keep them as pets.  Learn all about these amazing members of the mustelid family (which includes badgers, otters, weasels, mink, fishers, martins, and skunks!) and their special hunting techniques.  Saskatchewan was once home to the Black-footed ferret. The last wild ferret in Saskatchewan was seen in 1937. We’ll look back at the history of Saskatchewan’s grasslands and find out what happened to them, and what is being done to fix the problem.

Burrowing Owl

The Burrowing Owl is right at home on, and under, Saskatchewan’s grasslands. It is also one of Saskatchewan’s species at risk. Sage, the Burrowing Owl is the Saskatoon Zoo Society’s newest animal ambassador. In this program, learn more about the habitat lifestyles and ecology of this fascinating little owl. This program has been suspended. More details to follow.

Other animals available for our Outreach Programs

Assorted Lizards, Common Garter Snake, European Domestic Rabbits, Tiger Salamander, African Pygmy Hedgehog.