What is the Animal Activity that each child receives?

The activity is a “Zoo-Venture” Sticker and Activity booklet.

It is designed to have some fun while exploring the zoo. It should take about 45 minutes and will take you to many areas of the zoo.

You will receive detailed instructions and all of the supplies. Basically, each child receives a sticker booklet and the adult gets the corresponding stickers and instructions. The booklet has eight mystery animals – there are riddles that will lead you to their different animal enclosures (e.g. We’re on the prowl, this animal likes to howl). Have the children guess and then go to that enclosure. If they’re correct, the adult gives each child the corresponding animal sticker (e.g. wolf) and helps them apply it to their booklets.

There are other fun facts, games and puzzles in the booklet and it will provide a keepsake for each child from the party.