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Denise Skuce
Denise SkuceActing President
Christine Ruys
Christine RuysActing Vice-President
Shawn Rislund
Shawn RislundTreasurer
Marianne Maiboll
Marianne MaibollSecretary
Growing up in Denmark, I lived close to Copenhagen Zoo, and I always enjoyed visiting and learning about wildlife, conservation, and the environment. To me, the zoo was an oasis of calm in a hectic city – a place where you can escape your busy everyday life for a few hours and explore parts of nature that you are not otherwise exposed to. When I moved to Saskatoon in 2011, I found the same sanctuary at the Forestry Farm Park and Zoo. My educational background is in public health and project management, and I work with strategic planning and quality improvement with the Saskatchewan Health Authority. After retiring from a long career in elite sports, I was able to join the SZS Board in February 2017 to help support the Society in the great work of providing educational opportunities around wildlife and conservation.
Lisa Koshinsky
Lisa KoshinskyDirector
Claire Bullaro, BSc (Biology), MS (Zoology)
Claire Bullaro, BSc (Biology), MS (Zoology)Past-President
As an animal lover all my life I have always been attracted by the zoo experience despite the less than stellar conditions in many of them. When the opportunity arose in the ‘70s to be involved with our fledgling zoo here in Saskatoon we became family members and then in subsequent years a Board member. I spoke to all sorts of groups about animals and about zoos and their importance in conservation and education until we were at last permitted to do it within the zoo itself. Hundreds of tours and hours and hours of meetings later, and I am still involved and still passionate about zoos as leaders in education and conservation.
Joseph Liu
Joseph LiuDirector
Jacqueline Wolfe
Jacqueline WolfeDirector
I started with the Zoo Society in the spring of 2000. My first opportunity to volunteer was for ‘Keeping up with the Keepers’ on Mother’s day. I was hooked. I have helped with a huge number of events such as hosting Lobster fest, Family Day with the Kratts Brothers, and the 100th anniversary of the Forestry Farm Park facility. I was recently married and celebrated my baby’s first birthday. I am a professionally trained pastry chef and am currently working at the Riverbend Plantain Bakery. I love to bake and share wonderful desserts with the Board when I have the opportunity.
Carol Brock
Carol BrockDirector

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