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What We Do

The Saskatoon Zoo Society is a volunteer-driven, non-profit, environmental education organization, dedicated to fostering respect for nature.

Our current fundraising objectives:

  • Support for our numerous educational programs

We are funded through grants, donations, sponsorships, special fundraising events, our membership program, the Buckeye cafe and our Adopt-a-Critter program.

We encourage you to become a member of the Saskatoon Zoo Society. Members receive early registration perks, our ZooNews newsletter, and an opportunity to have a say in your society at the AGM. All memberships support the Saskatoon Zoo Society’s education programs. We thank you in advance for your support!

Education Programs and Events include:

Discovery Tour Program
Grade One Program
Full Day Programs
Outreach Program
Children’s Zoo & Discovery Centre Interpretive Program
Biofact Box Interpretive Program
Young Naturalists’ Program
Zoo Crew PD Day Programs
Winter Zoo Camp
Animal Antics Pre-School Program (spring and fall sessions)
Zoo Club
Bio-Bits Zoo Camps
Bio-Explorer Camp
…and more!

Explore our website for details.

2018: By the Numbers

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Each year the staff and volunteers of the Saskatoon Zoo Society conduct over 500 education programs and special events. There is something for everyone.

The purpose of the Saskatoon Zoo Society shall be:

  • to provide educational opportunities based around the wildlife at the Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park and Zoo
  • to operate exclusively as a not-for-profit organization without purpose of monetary gain for its members.

The objectives of the Saskatoon Zoo Society are:

  • to increase, communicate and promote knowledge and appreciation of wildlife, conservation, eco-systems, and the environment.
  • to promote and engage in zoological conservation and research projects.
  • to enhance awareness about the Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park and Zoo and support special events in order to enhance the experience and educational component for visitors.
  • to collaborate with the Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park and Zoo on the interpretive component of new and existing enclosure development.
  • to collaborate with and support other organizations with similar objectives in order to stimulate and maintain an interest in animals among the public through special projects.
  • to raise funds for educational purposes.

(Objectives taken from the 1984 constitution of the Saskatoon Zoo Society.  Updated March 25, 2018)


In 1976 a group of concerned citizens recognized the education potential of the Forestry Farm Zoo. They started a group called the Saskatoon Regional Zoological Society (SRZS). The aims of the SRZS were to ensure the animals held at the Zoo were cared for properly, to fund raise for better facilities at the Zoo, and to provide educational programming.

The SRZS became The Saskatoon Zoo Society. Today we are a volunteer driven, non-profit organization dedicated to fostering respect for nature. Each year the dedicated volunteers of the Saskatoon Zoo Society carry out more than 500 educational programs and special events.

We are funded through our membership program, grants, donations, cost recovery on our programs, our Adopt-a-Critter program, and Buckeye Cafe sales. You can support the Saskatoon Zoo Society by becoming a member. Our new membership program commences on January 1st, 2018.