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What We Do

The Saskatoon Zoo Society is a volunteer-driven, non-profit, environmental education organization, dedicated to fostering respect for nature.

Our current fundraising objectives:

  • Support for our numerous educational programs

We are funded through grants, donations, sponsorships, special fundraising events, our membership program, Paws Inn gift shop, the Buckeye cafe and our Adopt-a-Critter program.

We encourage you to become a member of the Saskatoon Zoo Society. Members receive free admission to the Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park Zoo, and discounts on many Zoo Society Programs.

Education Programs and Events include:

Discovery Tour Program
Grade One Program
Full Day Programs
Outreach Program
Children’s Zoo & Discovery Centre Interpretive Program
Biofact Box Interpretive Program
Young Naturalists’ Program
Zoo Crew PD Day Programs
Winter Zoo Camp
Animal Antics Pre-School Program
Family Day at the Zoo Fundraiser
Zoo Run
Zoo Club
Bio-Bits Zoo Camps
Bio-Explorer Camp
…and more!

Explore our website for details.

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Each year the staff and volunteers of the Saskatoon Zoo Society conduct over 500 education programs and special events. There is something for everyone.

The success of our programs is due to our wonderful group of volunteers. Call the Zoo Society at (306) 975-3395 or visit our Volunteer Page for more information on volunteering for the Saskatoon Zoo Society.

The objectives of the Saskatoon Zoo Society are:

  • to increase and communicate knowledge and appreciation of animal life;
  • to offer assistance in the maintenance and development of high quality exhibits appropriate to the theme of the Forestry Farm;
  • to foster and encourage zoological research and conservation;
  • to attract visitors to the Forestry Farm, and to make their visits more interesting and pleasant;
  • to stimulate and maintain an interest in animals among young people through special projects;
  • to secure better protection of wild animal life by education and the advancement of such education for purposes beneficial to the community as a whole;
  • to foster the fullest possible cooperation with other organizations with similar objectives;
  • to assist the Forestry Farm Committee in carrying out such projects that are commensurate with the objectives noted above;
  • to raise funds for these purposes by soliciting membership fees and donations and by other means as the Society, from time to time, shall consider advisable; and
  • to prepare, print, publish, sell, distribute, collect, and otherwise deal in all forms of suitable zoological publications.

(Objectives taken from the 1984 constitution of the Saskatoon Zoo Society.)


In 1976 a group of concerned citizens recognized the education potential of the Forestry Farm Zoo. They started a group called the Saskatoon Regional Zoological Society (SRZS). The aims of the SRZS were to ensure the animals held at the Zoo were properly cared for properly, to fund raise for better facilities at the Zoo, and to provide educational programming.

The SRZS became The Saskatoon Zoo Society. Today we are a volunteer driven, non-profit organization dedicated to fostering respect for nature. Each year the dedicated volunteers of the Saskatoon Zoo Society carry out more than 500 educational programs and special events.

We are funded through our membership program, grants, donations, cost recovery on our programs, our Adopt-a-Critter program, and Paws Inn Concession and Gift Shop sales. You can support the Saskatoon Zoo Society by becoming a member today.