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Below is a list of the animals found at the Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park Zoo.
(List is subject to change)

ALC = Affinity Learning Centre
KCZ = Kinsmen Children’s Zoo

The Mammals
African Pygmy Hedgehog (ALC)
American Badger (a species at risk)
American Bison (a species at risk)
American Porcupine – “Georgia” (ALC)
Bighorn Sheep
Black-tailed Prairie Dogs (a species at risk)
Brown (grizzly) Bear  – “Mistaya & Koda” ( a species at risk)
Canada Lynx
Capuchin Monkeys – “Ma” (KCZ)
Cougars – “Malcom and Jethro” (a species at risk)
Domestic Ferrets – “Jacob, Celo and Barkley” (Not on display-education animals)
Domestic Rabbit (KCZ )
Egyptian Spiny Mice (ALC and KCZ)
European House Mouse (not on display)
Fallow Deer
Goeldi’s Monkeys – “Leah, Diego, Sydney and Evy” (KCZ)
Grey Wolves – “Buddy & Zep”
Miniature Horses – “Primo, Vera and Angel”
Mouflon Sheep
Mountain Goats
Mule Deer
Pygmy Goat
Red Foxes
Seba Bats (KCZ)
Sika Deer (a species at risk)
Swift Foxes (a species at risk)
Thinhorn Sheep (sometimes called Dall Sheep, Stone Sheep, or Fannin Sheep)
Wapiti (North American Elk)
White-tailed Deer

The Birds
American Kestrel (KCZ-off-exhibit in winter)
Bald Eagles
Barn Owls
Burrowing Owl (a species at risk) (KCZ)
Canada Goose (visits from the wild)
Great Gray Owl
Great Horned Owl – “Spirt” (ALC-Off-exhibit in winter)
Long-eared Owl – off-exhibit in winter
Mallard Duck (visits from the wild)
Red-tailed Hawk
Ring-necked Pheasant
Short-eared Owl (a species at risk-off-exhibit in winter)

The Reptiles
Central Bearded Dragon (ALC)
Brown Anole Lizard (KCZ)
Corn Snake – (KCZ)
Garter Snake (ALC)
Green Anole Lizard (KCZ)
Hermann’s Tortoise (KCZ)
Mountain Horned Dragon (ALC)
Northern Blue-tongued Skink (KCZ)
Royal Python “Pretzel”(ALC)
Schneider’s Skink (ALC)
Tokay Gecko (KCZ)
ON-LOAN: Komodo Dragons – on exhibit until February or March 2018.

The Fish
White Sturgeon (ALC)

The Amphibians
Fire-bellied Toad (KCZ)
Tiger Salamander (ALC)

The Arthropods (in the Kinsmen Children’s Zoo)
Chilean Rose Tarantula
Crickets (not on display)
Darkling Beetles (not on display)
Giant Caribbean Cockroach
New Guinea Spiny Stick Insect
Pinktoe Tarantula
Tailess Whip Scorpion
Walking Stick Insect
arthropods subject to change in the Kinsmen Children’s Zoo