There’s a change to our membership policies.

The Saskatoon Zoo Society is under contract to the City of Saskatoon for its services.  We are entering into a contract negotiation year with a new Zoo Manager (a warm welcome to Tim Sinclair-Smith).  All areas of our contract will be reviewed, including our membership program.  As 2017 is the end of this current contract, we cannot extend our memberships past the contract deadline of December 31, 2017.  Once a new contract is signed, we will inform our valued members the status of the membership program.  Our goal in all of this is to provide the best level of service to our members and to the Zoo patrons.

Please note that for this upcoming season, members will still receive full value for their membership.

As a reminder, your membership includes:

-discounts on most Zoo Society programs

-discounts at the Paws Inn Gift Shop

-$2 off a season’s parking pass

-season admission to the Saskatoon Zoo

 To receive full value of the membership we recommend renewing or purchasing early in 2017.

 Thank you for your support,

The Saskatoon Zoo Society