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Goeldi’s Monkeys

Residents in the Kinsmen Childrens’ Zoo are Goeldi’s Marmosets, Goeldi’s Monkeys, or just Callimicos. Their scientific name is Callimico goeldii. These are a South American species, the only one in their genus, and were discovered relatively recently (1904) by the Swiss naturalist Emil August Goeldi. All types of marmosets are quite small; the Goeldi’s bodies [...]

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Finally: The New Zoo Entrance Opens

That's right folks! The Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park and Zoo's new admissions gate (or should I say gates! :) ) have now officially moved over! Look for the temporary yellow banner directing you to the new entrance. We should have our new sign up shortly! The Admissions office and Affinity Learning Centre are right next [...]

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