Brown Bear Birthday Bash

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Brown Bear Birthday Bash

Can you believe that Koda and Mistaya, the Brown Bears, are 10 years old already? The time has flown by, so the zookeepers felt it was time to celebrate their special day!  Join us on August 28th at 1:00 p.m. to celebrate. More information here 

The concession and gift shop will have “bear” specials that day too:

The Buckeye Cafe will be offering 50 cents off a “bear” popsicle. OK – it is actually a Sour Patch Kids popsicle, but all the children think it looks like a bear when they get one, so we’re going with it!.

The Paws Inn Gift Shop will be offering 25% off all bear merchandise ALL DAY on August 28th. Check out the picture above for some of the merchandise available.

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