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The Chilean Rose Tarantula

The Chilean Rose Tarantula Grammostola rosea Halloween is a time when everyone seems to like creepy, scary things like bats, and spiders. Of course, any one who studies them knows that both creatures are fascinating and wonderfully adapted to their habitats. The type of spider we have in the Kinsmen Children's Zoo at the Saskatoon [...]

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Buckeye Cafe Under Construction

UPDATE TO RENOVATIONS: Renovations to Buckeye Cafe are nearing a completion! We will be open STARTING April 12th, 2018, during zoo hours, with a limited menu. Thanks for your patience during this renovation. We hope our full menu will be up and running shortly. Buckeye Cafe is undergoing renovations. While we had hoped that we [...]

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Meerkat I am a little Meerkat Standing tall and proud Looking out for my family And always in a crowd. By AliKat33 (via Pinterest) Interesting new additions to the Saskatoon Forestry Farm Zoo are Meerkats, Suricata suricatta, which is Latin for Syria Cat, although they are exclusively found in the southern and western parts of [...]

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