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Caribou (Rangifer tarandus)

Yes, Caribou are Reindeer.  The Saskatoon Forestry Farm Zoo's own Woodland Caribou are all Rangifer tarandus.  Reindeer and Woodland Caribou are each one of several subspecies recognized by scientists. Reindeer usually refer to the semi-domesticated variety from Northern Europe and Asia.  Woodland Caribou are a subspecies recognized by scientists as Rangifer tarandus caribou. They are found in the [...]

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Student spreads passion for zoo animals

Student spreads passion for zoo animals By Caitlin Taylor Handling a four-foot-long African tree python, working with a red-tailed hawk and fielding kids’ questions about a tortoise’s bodily functions were all in a day’s work for Garrett Fraess this summer. For four months, Fraess was a summer interpreter for the Saskatoon Zoo Society at the [...]

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