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Under Construction

Under Construction! The Zoo is under-going repairs to some sewer lines. These repairs are anticipated to take two weeks starting March 31st until April 15th. This will affect some of the pathways in the Zoo. There will be a detour to get around the Zoo on an alternate path. Please watch for the signs. Note: [...]

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Canada Lynx

Answer (to the question posed in ZooNews, our email newsletter): The Canada Lynx (like most cats) will stay hidden waiting for an opportune time to ambush their prey. One of our girls was very interested in Gary, our barn cat, who was walking a little too closely around the lynx enclosure. It didn’t take long [...]

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2015: By The Numbers

Today, we post our summary of last year, 2015, by the numbers. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our members, sponsors and supporters for our past year. View as JPG (1.5MB)   Your donations help support: ON-SITE CURRICULAR-BASED EDUCATION Habitats and Adaptations Biodiversity Math and Health at the Zoo Classification [...]

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Volunteer Accountant Wanted

Volunteer Accountant Wanted for Treasurer (Still looking as of June 20th, 2016!)   The Saskatoon Zoo Society is looking for a volunteer accountant to sit on our board of directors as our Treasurer. But, don’t panic, we don’t make it too difficult or time-consuming. The Saskatoon Zoo Society has a very competent book-keeper, but it [...]

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