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PotashCorp summer zoo camp sponsorship spots

2016 Eligibility Requirements: You agree to the following: You are unable to send your child to camp without this financial assistance. Anyone that has already applied online for camp registration on March 6th and paid is automatically disqualified. You must submit a recommendation letter from your child's teacher, principal, school community co-ordinator or a trusted member [...]

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Work for the Saskatoon Zoo Society

THANKS! ALL POSITIONS ARE NOW FILLED FOR 2016. Work for the Saskatoon Zoo Society this summer! The Saskatoon Zoo Society is potentially looking for up to 2 summer interpreters to work with our education programs in May and June and then work as a camp counsellor for July and August.  This job requires experience working with [...]

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Goeldi’s Monkeys

Residents in the Kinsmen Childrens’ Zoo are Goeldi’s Marmosets, Goeldi’s Monkeys, or just Callimicos. Their scientific name is Callimico goeldii. These are a South American species, the only one in their genus, and were discovered relatively recently (1904) by the Swiss naturalist Emil August Goeldi. All types of marmosets are quite small; the Goeldi’s bodies [...]

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