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Snowshoe Hare (Lepus americanus)

The Snowshoe Hare Lepus americanus The Snowshoe Hare prefers forested regions, but as evidenced by the number of Snowshoe Hares seen locally, they will inhabit aspen bluffs on the prairies.   The habitat size of the Snowshoe Hare is not very large, typically about the size of city block. The reason for this may be that [...]

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Caribou (Rangifer tarandus)

Yes, Caribou are Reindeer.  The Saskatoon Forestry Farm Zoo's own Woodland Caribou are all Rangifer tarandus.  Reindeer and Woodland Caribou are each one of several subspecies recognized by scientists. Reindeer usually refer to the semi-domesticated variety from Northern Europe and Asia.  Woodland Caribou are a subspecies recognized by scientists as Rangifer tarandus caribou. They are found in the [...]

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Student spreads passion for zoo animals

Student spreads passion for zoo animals By Caitlin Taylor Handling a four-foot-long African tree python, working with a red-tailed hawk and fielding kids’ questions about a tortoise’s bodily functions were all in a day’s work for Garrett Fraess this summer. For four months, Fraess was a summer interpreter for the Saskatoon Zoo Society at the [...]

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Animal Enrichment

Animal Enrichment At the Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park and Zoo, we have a behavioural husbandry program. Animals at a zoo benefit from enrichment and training to stimulate mental and physical activity and promote appropriate levels of natural behaviours based on our knowledge of the animal’s habits in the wild. On a limited budget, the zoo [...]

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Pronghorn: the ultimate marathon runner!

The pronghorn gets its name from the conspicuous prong that sticks forward off its shiny black horn.  The pre-ice age Antilocaprids (pronghorn) were once a diverse group of 15 to 40 species only found in North American.  Following the ice age only one species survived: The Pronghorn. Standing about the size of a small deer, [...]

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All about the Swift Fox

Swift Fox – Vulpes velox Floating along at speeds nearing 40 k/hr when necessary, the little buff-coloured animal appeared to be just a part of the waving, tawny grasses of the high plains of North America. The Swift Fox, Vulpes velox, was once found on the arid short-grass plains and shrubby deserts from southern Canada [...]

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Thank you.

A BIG thank you to all the supporters of the Saskatoon Zoo Society. With you, we're able to accomplish many incredible things. Cameco: Cameco has generously agreed to be our title sponsor once again for our Cameco Family Day at the Zoo. Celebrating 30 years, this fun family event has helped to provide funds for [...]

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Tundra Swans Creature Feature

Despite the words of this old tongue twister nursery rhyme, a swan would prefer to fly over the sea.  The Tundra Swan, Cygnus columbianus, may indeed fly briefly over parts of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans while on their way north to the Arctic Ocean.  There they nest in summer on the tundra or in [...]

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Under Construction

Under Construction! The Zoo is under-going repairs to some sewer lines. These repairs are anticipated to take two weeks starting March 31st until April 15th. This will affect some of the pathways in the Zoo. There will be a detour to get around the Zoo on an alternate path. Please watch for the signs. Note: [...]

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Canada Lynx

Answer (to the question posed in ZooNews, our email newsletter): The Canada Lynx (like most cats) will stay hidden waiting for an opportune time to ambush their prey. One of our girls was very interested in Gary, our barn cat, who was walking a little too closely around the lynx enclosure. It didn’t take long [...]

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