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PayPal Issues Resolved

Nothing big, but if you were having issues at all today (Saturday, May 30) with PayPal when trying to make a purchase through our site, all issues should now be resolved. We had accidentally changed a setting on our back end that may have caused an issue; if you did not experience any issues then [...]

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Finally: The New Zoo Entrance Opens

That's right folks! The Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park and Zoo's new admissions gate (or should I say gates! :) ) have now officially moved over! Look for the temporary yellow banner directing you to the new entrance. We should have our new sign up shortly! The Admissions office and Affinity Learning Centre are right next [...]

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Young Naturalists Bluebird Trail

Did you know the Young Naturalists' have be monitoring bluebird populations around Saskatoon since 1968? Join naturalist Greg Fenty as he works with monitoring bluebirds and Tree Swallows along the Bluebird Trail. The Bluebird Trail is a bird monitoring program to keep track of cavity nesting birds such as bluebirds and Tree Swallows.  (Cavity nesting [...]

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The time has come for our babies to start arriving! Yes, the green stuff on the pathways is disgusting, but at least the goslings are cute!  Several gaggles of goslings have hatched and are being led around the zoo by their doting moms and dads.  Take care to let them cross the paths as you walk [...]

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